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We are engagement designers and we have ideas

We originate and visualise ideas that captivate and inspire the audience.

We help you to deliver succinct, smart and engaging communications.

We build effective communications and marketing tools that empower the user.

We execute winning creative solutions that excite consumers and reinforce recognition.

We are sympathetic to your needs, we are friendly and we are responsive.

Rich Storytelling

Creative Power

CREATIVE POWER through VISUAL STORYTELLING and COMPELLING CONTENT !   This is our value proposition and our promise to you. DUHO specialises in idea generation, creative development and project execution for branding, innovation, business development and communication touchpoints. We help our clients to improve the media, delivery channels and branding that drives their business by getting to the heart of the matter quickly and providing meaningful creative solutions to difficult business or brand issues. Our insights offer valuable inspiration to foster new ideas! Ideas that create emotional connections with the audience, building trust and loyalty and ensuring ongoing and sustainable success.

Who are your stakeholders and are you engaging them? We define them as those people who have an interest in seeing your business or ideas succeed: senior management, staff, business partners, suppliers and even customers. By working hard to facilitate the decision-making process and by creating a more stimulating experience, we offer our clients a more efficient business development paradigm.

Visual media has up to seven times more impact on an audience than aural or written content. It is critical to business and brands to use visual communications that engage the audience and create positive experiences that lead to lasting relationships. DUHO excels at originating and visualising strategic and conceptual ideas to deliver greater clarity and impact through every stage of the business cycle. Our out-of-the-box thinking and outstanding execution of communication touchpoints during the planning, innovation, product development and launch phases empowers our clients to achieve greater commitment from stakeholders, consumers and customers. We help our clients to accentuate and sharpen their own vision as we create more imaginative and more engaging solutions that return real value.

If you have a plan for a new business, product or event perhaps we can help to breathe life into it and make it a reality. Why not get in touch today? Even if it’s just to say hello!



UNILEVER – It was an absolute pleasure to be working with DUHO. Extremely professional team that went beyond what was expected to deliver on the brief. The work was exceptional. Thank you once more! Julia Davies – Global Brand Manager, Unilever

UNILEVER – We’ve worked on a couple of projects with DUHO and they have done a great job in not just designing identities, but in listening and understanding what we needed. We ended up in a better place! I’d call out creativity with flexibility as their key skills and would recommend them for your design challenges. Catriona Ferris – CMI Director, Unilever

PEPSI LIPTON – It’s like magic! DUHO transform presentation content from good to epic, using really impactful imagery, in super quick time – far superior to anything I could hope to achieve myself. You can be on the fine line of convincing or influencing key stakeholders with your vision, but using DUHO’s creative input to deliver the most professional and impactful version of your presentation material really helps to make the difference. Clare Hemphill – Global Insights Director, Pepsi Lipton

NBC UNIVERSAL – Thank you so very much!!! The concepts look great and thanks so much for the incredible turnaround. J.P. – Corporate Alliances Account Manager, NBC Universal

DISNEY – Honestly, brilliant! Thank you! A.S. – Marketing Director, The Walt Disney Company

INSIGHT is at the heart of our work! We look deep into the factors that impact our client's business, combining our knowledge of consumer behaviours and market intelligence with our diverse and thorough experience in branding and design to create ideas and concepts that inspire action and deliver positive returns again and again. Whether designing a new brand identity or building a data platform – our ideas, attention to detail and insightful design always generates excellent value for our clients.

PITCH BOOK: To view a copy of our pitch book, please click here.

VIDEO: To view our stakeholder engagement video, please click here.

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