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Creating X-Factor – 5 Value Takeaways

What is creative business development? Search online for creativity in business and you will find a multitude of articles talking about the importance of innovation and ideas to successful, sustainable business strategy. Certainly, fun work spaces and a culture that encourages mistakes as learning experiences are important to provide environments that value originality, but how do you get people to “think creatively.” Especially those who aren’t usually considered creative thinkers.

Well, If you believe the adage that “there are no new ideas,” then we need to think of creativity as a repositioning or linking of old ideas in new circumstances through available delivery channels. And the way to get people to make the leap is to stimulate them with suitable reference and to give them time to reach viable conclusions. Creativity is a mindset where the brain is being constantly exercised to think laterally, ask questions and process stimuli. Simply put, people need to be exposed to thoughts and visuals that promote these actions and the better the quality of the reference material, the better the outcome.

In a business sense, this means working hard to ensure that every touchpoint is an opportunity to stimulate the audience. And, while making a good impression on new partners or potential customers is crucial to being successful, many companies overlook the value of applying creativity and visual engagement to the internal development of the business. One reason for this is that it can be difficult to project or quantify the returns from investing in media that has no obvious sales potential. Yet, good strategic design can offer a more wholistic approach to improving the impact a business makes.

Here are five, often-overlooked, ways that creativity and better branding or communications can help your business from the inside out.
#1 Branding identifies a company but it is not just about a great logo or appealing to the customer or consumer. Good branding at all touchpoints can be a source of employee pride which leads to company solidarity, staff loyalty and ultimately greater productivity too.

#2 Stimulating, intelligent communications simplify decision-making processes and raise commitment levels from stakeholders who can often struggle to visualise internally how strategies will be applied or how products might be developed. Visual storytelling is a powerful motivation for action, or even inaction, depending on the desired outcome. Seeing is believing so investing a little up-front on creating more inspiring stimulus media pays dividends later on.

#3 Bespoke applications that simplify complex operations and are easy to master can streamline workflows and offer substantial savings in time and money. But automation is only one benefit. Building tools that help staff to be more proactive and creative can open the door to many untapped opportunities.

#4 A clear corporate vision, supplemented by more creative support media, experiences and environments can boost employee self-confidence, sense-of-purpose and health and well-being. There is great value in having a happy workforce!

#5 Good ideas should always be the foundation of any creative or business decision! This seems obvious but it can be easy to get talked into a certain direction by a creative company who is a “specialist in their area” and wants to sell their service. Better to start with an open-ended approach and, through a process of elimination, come to a justified solution that is fit-for-purpose.

Some larger businesses already allocate substantial budgets to pursue programmes that acknowledge some, or even all, of these points. However, for smaller organisations, expenditure or lack of resources can be a major obstacle and developing powerful creative media takes careful thought and expert development which, of course, comes at some cost. The trick to overcoming such limitations is to develop flexible creative solutions that can be repurposed to provide more value in the long term.

As a company, you may know where you are headed, but it never hurts to explore an alternative route. It could make your journey a far more memorable one!

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