Something evil is taking over the palace. It grows up through the pavement and in through the windows enveloping everything in a matted and misty tangle of roots and branches. The forest is under a dark and menacing spell! If you look through your camera you might see forest creatures hiding in the shadows or spot a marvellous bargain.

Only purity and light can keep the woods at bay, will the princesses break the spell and return the forest to the happy, enchanted paradise it once was? Only time will tell…

Brand Partnership – Retail take-over concept. Famous fashion designers to produce Disney Princess-inspired dresses for end-of-promotion auction at celebrity fashion show. Light emanates from dresses in window displays to transform the forest. Forest evolves through seasonal changes to enchanted paradise as the final day approaches. Promotion culminates in a Disney Princess street parade. Other engagement features include augmented reality spots, sound showers and interactive digital media.


Also, look out for the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where you can get a make-over with mum!

Result: This project became a huge success and the final executions were outstanding, receiving numerous accolades. DUHO was only commissioned to create the initial concepts and was not involved in the final executions.