Disney approached us to develop a concept for a Moana-inspired (Disney movie) event to engage business partners and create excitement about the potential promotional opportunities for co-branded media. Moana tells the story of a girl who embarks on a ocean-crossing journey with a friend and demigod in search of a mythical island.

To appeal more to an adult audience, we created “Moana – South Pacific Odyssey,” an immersive, elevated concept based on the oceanic journey theme of the movie. Event branding featured on emails, invitations, takeaways, etc would take on a black and white, illustrated style reflecting the tattoo designs of the Pacific islanders while the main event would feature a gallery viewing of concept art and rough animation sketches to engage the audience with the movie-making process. Projected onto the walls around the entire perimeter of the gallery space would be oceanic video scenes of rolling seas, storms, whales surfacing, flying fish, etc to build an immersive experience that creates a sense of being adrift at sea. An added feature to further enhance the rolling sea theme could see the artwork (suspended from ceiling) being raised and lowered slowly in a wave motion.

Other ideas included a complementary Polynesian Pearl Diver cocktail on arrival, a life-sized Polynesian canoe, a premium themed goodie bag and ideas for activities to drive engagement. 

Event branding and immersive concept for partnership engagement.