Beginning with a brand refresh, this project developed into a complete makeover of Europanel’s internal communications and key process tools. 

The brand look and feel has been stripped back from the heavy black template of before to create a light and professional identity with a new logo lock-up and supporting graphic content. Key research tools have been combined into a single digital platform with tiered access privileges, dynamic charts and database-driven content and all presentation media and printed collateral have been revamped. The final piece is a bespoke, “white-label” email platform for marketing and insight distribution.

Identity & Communications: Europanel wanted to update their brand image but were opposed to a complete rebranding exercise. We left the logo intact but updated the identity by creating a brand property element to contain the logo. We then set about updating the company's marketing collateral to present a more refined and cohesive identity. We created corporate stationery, PowerPoint templates and a set of HTML email templates. The result is a smarter and more engaging corporate profile, at a fraction of the cost of a complete rebrand.

Data & Insights Platform: Everything in one place! We designed a responsive online platform for Europanel to combine three core data libraries into one simple access portal. Now users can select the FMCG Barometer, KEY Facts, or Consumer Index data and easily compile the information into their own reports. The FMCG Barometer allows users to chart market data comparatively by country or by timescale using a dynamic charting tool. The system has a tiered permissions structure to segment users depending on their access plan.

Email Platform: Do you want to create your own HTML emails in-house and protect your customer database? This simple, step-by-step email tool does exactly that and helps emails penetrate corporate firewalls that block campaigns from bulk messaging providers.

Europanel brand refresh and media toolkit: identity, stationery, presentation media, digital insights platform, white-label HTML email campaign platform.