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Robot Sauce & Drops Product Packaging & Promotional Media
To help an independent South African foodie producer showcase and promote his new recipes for a range of “all natural” chilli sauces, we created Robot Sauces. “Robots” is the colloquial term for traffic lights in South Africa which perfectly referenced the Red, Amber, Green variants of the three original products – a hot red chilli sauce, a scorching yellow habanero sauce and a milder green chilli sauce. This gives the brand a vibrant personality, making use of humour and fun plays on words to further accentuate it's informal character.

In addition to the packaging design, we created a brand guideline document and designs for key digital channels plus rough concepts for print media.
Creative Role
Concept origination, strategic business proposal, brand design and development (design, illustration, retouching & 3D renders).
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